01. about us

Solid Food is a Quinoa ingredients manufacturer. We are a vertically integrated company with our own entity in Peru. We sell our ingredients in Europe to the food industry, retailers and wholesalers.

We bring our customers Quinoa with the best quality (from the Ayacucho region in Peru), both organic and conventional, free from GMO´s and fully traceable.

We refer to our Quinoa as ´the complete seed´because of its taste, health aspects and functionality. Our grains, pops, flakes, flours and other versatile innovations are suitable for a wide range of food applications in bakery, ready meals, meat substitutes, snacking, and many more.

Our Quinoa is #organic certified, #fair-trade, #plant-based, #kosher, #halal and #non-GMO.

Our sustainability goes beyond organic and responsible sourcing thanks to our different initiatives such as profit spending on social projects, training programs for our farmers and climate neutral transport.



02. our story

2007: Solid

Solid OPD, a NGO active in Peru, initiated the close contact with the local community and farmers. Today we still belong to the Solid group

2013: living the hype

We all remember the year 2013 as the “international year of quinoa” when everyone realized what we’ve been missing all those years. Quinoa became popular all over the earth. 

2015: first steps in retail

Back in 2015, a respected Belgian retailer became our client. 

2016: Solid Food

Solid Food was born! We combine the best of both worlds; Ayacucho & Belgium. 

2018: export & own factory

All our quinoa is produced in Ayacucho. Solid Food produces 2.000 ton Peruvian quinoa each year. Since the end of 2018, we also intensified our cooperation with Wari Organic, our processing factory.

2021: new factory

At the moment we are designing a brand new factory for our processing and stock. We expect our plant to run at full speed in 2023.

03. team

Team Europe

Lysanne Weel

managing director


Lysanne Weel

Hans Decroos

ceo & co-owner
Hans Decroos

Astrid van den Kieboom

Astrid van den Kieboom

Lyn Verelst

Lyn Verelst

Team Peru

Efraín Avendaño Torres

General Manager
Efraín Avendaño Torres

Luz Humani

General Manager, Wari Organic
Luz Humani

Our logo tells a story, our story

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