01. vertical integration

Solid Food’s processing plant achieved a level AA grade at the last BRC audit.
We want to make sure you get the quality product you pay for! That’s why we care so much about the complete overview through the chain. Starting from the seeds used for sowing to the moment of our delivery, we control every single step of the processThanks to our direct collaboration with 500 quinoa farmers in Peru and our vertical integration, we can guarantee 100% traceability. From the Peruvian plateau of Ayacucho to our headquarters in the city of Ghent (Belgium), we all do our bit. 

02. check our process

farmers in Ayacucho
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Hard working people

At the moment we work with over 500 local farmers. They produce your quinoa, always with a smile and with our technical assistance.
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In the heart of Peru

Our processing plant is situated in the beating heart of Ayacucho. This is where we make your quinoa ready for consumption, always according to the strictest norms and control in terms of food security and hygiene. Our auditing scores go through the roof. We have an IFS and a BRC certificate to prove it.
packaging options
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Solid Food - small pack
Solid Food - retail
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On the move

Once your quinoa is packed, it makes its way to the port of Callao-Lima from where its shipped to you in a climate-neutral way. 

service from Belgium
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Hello, bonjour, hallo, guten tag, hola

Our service headquarters is located in Ghent, Belgium. From this central point in the world we manage all administration and communication. Our storage is located just a few miles North, in Antwerp.

Quinoa is the absolute mother of grains. Even the incas were certain of it.

Most farmers eat quinoa on average about 3 times a week, for breakfast or lunch.
Solid Food - Farmers in Peru