At the source

Top-quality quinoa

Ayacucho is a region in Peru known for its top-quality quinoa. Our customers appreciate our quinoa because it tastes very good (thanks to, for example, the low saponin content), gives a high yield in their production process (due to, for example, the little dust that is generated) or because of traceability.

Passing along our knowledge

Till this day we gave technical assistance to over 1000 farmer families in Ayacucho. Our team of well-trained engineers pass on their knowledge all year long. From the very first moment of sowing to the harvesting. We do this for them, as well as for you. Because this teamwork assures you the highest quality possible.

Straight from the source

Quinoa originates from Peru, more specifically from Ayacucho itself. And that’s why we choose to only produce our quinoa in Ayacucho. Efficiency is key in our field of work, therefore we created a co-operation model with the local agricultural community and our team of well-trained engineers.

Once the quinoa is harvested it goes immediately to our - local - processing plant. Here we make the quinoa ready for consumption. Next stop? You! We can transport our quinoa to the entire world, straight from the source.